Driving is like drinking

Driving is like drinking

"It wasn't me, my car did it"



It's both scary and strange.


You know sometimes I fell

Just as if I am not there.


I fell my consciousness isn't there.

How can I be there, if I'am not

Consciously there?


I don't exist without being conscious.

I'am not a rock, I fell, I breahte, I live,

I am aware I am alive, I exist.


See when I am diriving, I can't fell my hands.

I can't fell my legs, my feet, my whole body.


No can do sir...! I'm an autopilot.

Thank God I turned the radio on.


My consciousness escaped into the radio.

My body was swallowed by my car.

My soul was sucked into the music.

I was saved by the radio.


Otherwise the shut down would be complete.

Otherwise I would have become just another autopart.

Otherwise I would be braindead.


See?... driving is like drinking

If you speak to me while I'am driving

Your actually speaking to my car


If you want to reach me

Please tune into the radio

I might be inside some song


I know? It's seems a little bit one-sided for a conversation

But... what do you want? I'm driving...

Probably listening to a song about driving and wondering

About all this stuff you do while you drive.

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